Amorgos Island

Travel Information

You can travel to Amorgos, Cyclades Islands by ferry from the port of Piraeus (Attica). In summertime ferry trips are quite often both to Katapola, which is the main port of Amorgos, and to Aegiali. The trip takes from 5 ½ to 9 hours depending on whether you select to travel by high speed or conventional ferry.

Spend the holidays of a lifetime in Amorgos

Amorgos is widely known as the island of the Big Blue, yet apart from the numerous fantastic beaches there are plenty more to see and do during your Amorgos holidays. Explore the quaint inland villages capturing the Cycladic element, go trekking through wonderful paths along the island, sample delicious local dishes and drinks and feel that special energy of Amorgos that will have you returning to this hospitable island year after year.

Amorgos Beaches

If you seek for relaxation by the sea during your holidays, Amorgos is perfect for you. As there is a considerable number of both sandy and pebbly beaches with crystal clear water against a dramatic landscape, you are sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to Amorgos beaches. Some of the best Amorgos beaches are Kato Akrotiri and Xylokeratidi nearby Alexandros studios and rooms in Katapola, the sandy beach of Aegiali, as well as Levrossos, and Chochlakas, Psili Ammos, Agia Anna, Mikri Glifada and Megali Glifada. Near Arkessini you can swim at Paradisia and Mouros. Many wonderful beaches such as Maltezi, Plakes and Gramvoussa islet can be accessed by caique from Katapola, while boats set off to Nikouria from Agios Pavlos.

Amorgos Attractions & Sightseeing

In Amorgos you will have the chance to admire natural, historical as well as architectural attractions. For nature lovers there are excellent routes to walk along the island, while if you prefer sightseeing, pay a visit at the renowned Byzantine Monastery of Virgin Mary Chozoviotissa, literally perched on a cliff. You can also visit the church of Virgin Mary Katapoliani and the ruins of Ancient Minoa, in Katapola, the ruins of the Aegiali Acropolis and the archaeological site of Ancient Arkessini.

If you want to skip sightseeing in Amorgos, just take relaxing walks at the traditional settlements such as Chora and wander around the quaint narrow alleys, admire the windmills or climb up to marvellous Cycladic chapels. You will be rewarded by unparalleled panoramic sea view, so it’s worth it!

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